The Dyslexia Training Institute offers one-on-one reading, writing, spelling, fluency and critical thinking intervention to students of all ages. We use only research-based methods which are based on the Orton-Gillingham approach.  All interventions are administered by highly-trained and experienced specialists.
Also available:
  • Testing for dyslexia and other reading related problems
  • Advocacy Services (IEP coaching, IEP meetings, Goal Writing, etc.)

Rancho Bernardo
San Carlos/Del Cerro
Eastlake, Chula Vista

Advocacy Services
Are you having difficulty getting your child the services you think he deserves?
Do you need some help understanding the IEP process? Are you confused about the goals on an IEP? Do you need some guidance to help you through the IEP and Special Education process?
We can help you decide what is appropriate for your child and advise you about your rights. We will even attend IEP and other school meetings as your advocate.

Email us at
or call 619-517-0683 for more information.

  • Does your child struggle with reading and are you looking for an intervention?
  • Recently diagnosed with dyslexia or another learning problem and not sure what to do first?
  • Are you looking for experienced professionals who do the tutoring themselves?
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Do you need us?
Dr. Kelli Sandman-Hurley provides evaluations for dyslexia. These evaluations incude achievement in reading and writing as well as recommendations and resources. Please contact her at dyslexiaspec@gmail for more information,
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Dyslexia Testing
Dyslexia for a Day
Simulation Kit
The San Diego Learning Center of the
Dyslexia Training Institute
"Everyone can learn to read."
Dyslexia a Day is a DVD and handbook that simulates what is like to have dyslexia. It is designed for professional development and individual use. For more information and to order:
Dyslexia for a Day